Pouredin.com is a part of Trassig, a commercial playground company based in CT. We have been doing poured in place installations for the last 20 years, and have therefore accumulated the knowledge and experience to perform flawless installations and more importantly to know exactly what can go wrong in a poured in place install. Whether you are looking to surface your playground, pool deck, path, or do a repair job, talk to us. If you need to stop by to pick up material or seek advise on installs, our offices and warehouse is located at 23 Henry Street, bethel CT 06801.

Our inspiration to create a poured in place patch kit came from an overwhelming need from clients. We received multiple requests daily from clients in need of a small area of poured in place rubber to fix on their playground. To fulfill the need of our customers, we created a easy to use and do-it-yourself patch kit. We struck the right balance between simplicity and effectiveness. With our instructional sheet and video, anyone can use our patch kits to create a professional looking repair. Over the years we have also developed other useful poured in maintenance products such as the Rebinder, Extender, PIP Primer and gap seam binder.

If you need a large installation, or want a do-it-yourself poured in place install kit we will be with you every step of the way.

Feel free to call us or send us an email!

Email: info@trassig.com
Sales Office: 203-659-0456