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Poured in Placer Rubber is a unitary safety surfacing system that has gained popularity in the last couple decades in the playground and sports arena. It has several advantages over traditional surfacing systems such as mulch or tiles. The rubberized surface forms one continuous layer without seams or edges. It can be installed to fit any shape area. It comes in many colors and can be combined to create different shapes and even logos. It is compliant with ADA standards (American Disabilities Act) and, with the right care, it can provide years of fun and play for your kids.

Most poured in place rubber systems consist of two layers: 1) An impact attenuation layer, also called the base layer or the buffings layer (because it consists of tire buffings). This layer’s thickness goes hand in hand with the fall height of the equipment in the area. For example: A two inch base layer is typically adequate for equipment that has a 5 foot fall height. 2) A wear layer that is typically made out of EPDM granules. This is the colorful layer that coats the base layer. Both layers are mixed with a polyurethane binder (Either aromatic or aliphatic glue) , and then poured and hand troweled right on site, hence the term “Poured in place rubber surfacing”. (Note: In the UK, it is referred to as “Wet Pour system”)

The problem with this rubberized surface is that it has to be maintained properly to perform well over the years. Harsh UV rays degrade the binders and if these are not replenished using a top seal product, the surface starts to granulate, and cracks and holes start to appear.

Trassig Corp. (The owner of offers maintenance products to keep your poured in place surface in good shape. We also offer do-it-yourself poured in place rubber repair patch kits if your surface does develop holes or cracks. the patch kits are shipped to you directly and come with detailed instructions on how to perform a patch. These products offer a much cheaper solution to hiring a professional to repair your playground rubber flooring. But if you do need that professional involvement, we can help you if you are in New England. If you are not, give us a call anyway. We might be able to connect you with some one in you area that might be able to help.

You can purchase any of our products online. If you are a town or municipality that works with Purchase orders, you cansend us a P.O to or fax it to: 203-549-0409. If you are a contractor or are interested in using our patch kit in a maintenance program in your area, please contact us about becoming a dealer. We have territories around the continental U.S. and provide a comprehensive training program.

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